Mayor Gwamanda takes ill

Mayor Gwamanda takes ill

The Executive Mayor of the City of Johannesburg, Cllr. Kabelo Gwamanda, is currently receiving medical attention after taking ill during the debate on the State of the City Address.

The Executive Mayor has been unwell since yesterday morning however given the significance and importance of the day to Council and residents of the City, he unfortunately went against medical advice and attended to the State of the City Address as delivered.

He was seen by his medical team immediately after the address yesterday.

Sadly, during today’s debate, his condition deteriorated and the advice of the medical team has been that he be excused immediately and presents himself to a medical facility for urgent treatment and observation.

A council debate in Joburg was abruptly postponed on Wednesday after the mayor of Joburg, Kabelo Gwamanda, was hospitalised for an illness.

Gwamanda arrived late for a debate session, with Al Jama-ah’s Imraan Moosa saying the mayor was not feeling well and would arrive later. 

According to council legislation, the mayor has to be present for a debate on his State of the City Address (SOCA), which he presented on Tuesday. 

The DA raised some concerns about Gwamanda’s absence at the start of the meeting, with DA chief whip Leah Knott saying the mayor had to be present to respond to the debate. 

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