The Madadeni Regional Court sentenced a 52-year-old man to double life imprisonment, for the rapes he committed in the Madadeni area. In the first instance, between 2014 and 2015, the man was in a relationship with the granny of the 8-year-old child. He used this opportunity to rape the child on various occasions and threatened to harm her if she reported him. The child eventually confided in her teacher and the man was arrested. The state opposed bail, but the court granted him bail.

Whilst out on bail, he got into a relationship with the 11-year-old girl’s mother, and he lived with them. He raped the child whenever they were alone together and told the child that he would kill her mother if she reported him. The child eventually told her granny and the man was arrested.

In court, Regional Court Prosecutor Eddie Mbewu led the testimonies of the two children, the first reports and medical evidence which supported the state’s case. Mbewu also handed in Victim Impact Statements to the court, compiled by the girls and facilitated by Court Preparation Officer, Masande Mdiya. In their statements, the children explained how the rapes have affected their lives. The man was sentenced to life imprisonment for each of the rapes. The court also declared him unfit to possess a firearm and ordered that his name be entered in the National Register of Sexual Offenders.

The National Prosecuting Authority welcomes the successful finalisation of this matter and we commend the work done by the Prosecution and SAPS. It is our mandate to ensure justice for all victims of crimes, especially the vulnerable ones. This sentence is indicative of the NPA’s stance on the abuse of children.

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