A self-confessed member of the Fast Guns gang from Riverlea, Tyrone Jones was sentenced to two life terms plus 122 years imprisonment by the High Court of South Africa: Gauteng Division, Johannesburg. Jones was convicted on 13 counts ranging from robbery with aggravating circumstances, robbery, attempted robbery, murder, and unlawful possession of firearms and ammunition. Jones started his reign of terror within the community of Riverlea on 14 September 2021, until his arrest in June 2022. Several cases had been reported with the Langlaagte South African Police Service (SAPS) wherein children as young as 12 years of age and adults were robbed of their belongings by Jones, who was well-known to them as he was born and lived in the same area (Riverlea). He started his escapades using open hands and later became more aggressive by using a knife and ultimately graduated to using a firearm. 
On 15 June 2022, Jones killed two people in that area, the eyewitnesses came forward and he was arrested. Upon his arrest, more complainants came forward with complaints that their cases against Jones, were neglected. Eight dockets against him were identified and were allocated to a specialised unit, led by Colonel Mlungisi Ayanda Mapanga and his team, called the Johannesburg District Detective Unit. They investigated and arrested the accused. During sentencing, Senior State Advocate Monde Mbaqa emphasised the severity of the crimes committed by Jones and underscored the importance of upholding the rule of law to preserve the fabric of society. He called witnesses in aggravation of sentence. In one of the murder counts, the deceased’s wife testified that they had three children, who are now fatherless and that she also lost a hardworking husband who took care of the family. In the second murder charge, the father of Bandile Rueben Binza, an Uber driver who was shot and killed by the accused who pretended to be a client requiring service, pleaded with the court to have no mercy.
The Director of Public Prosecutions in the Gauteng Division, Johannesburg, Advocate Andrew Chauke, extends his gratitude to those members of the community who took it upon themselves to ensure that the hardships endured by the community at the hands of the accused are ended. He further remarked that the sentence signals the relentless efforts of communities in working closely with law enforcement authorities to dismantle criminal enterprises and safeguard the communities.

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