The George Commercial Crimes Court has postponed the case against lawyer Clayton Tyron Sampson, who defrauded a law firm he was employed in, for the State to provide the defense with further particulars and for pre-trial. Sampson is charged with 39 counts of fraud after he channelled more than R100 000 into his private accounts money which was supposed to be deposited into the bank account of the law firm he worked for. The accused worked as an attorney at A Chimes & Van Wyk Incorporated, from February 2014 to 27 October 2015. The accused had five bank accounts with different banks.

The state alleges that the law firm deposited money it collected on behalf of its client, 3rd Generation CAW, into the bank account of the company. The accused told the director of the law firm that the bank account number of 3rd Generation CAW had changed and provided one of his bank account numbers as the new bank account of the client.
More than 16 payments totaling over R62 000 were made from the Trust Account of A Chimes & Van Wyk Incorporated into his bank between 01 November 2014 and 01 July 2015, without any authority or consent to do so. Sampson also litigated for the law firm’s clients. He then sent them invoices with his bank account number instead of the law firm’s. Between 05 November 2014 and 25 September 2015, the law firm’s clients deposited money into two of his five bank accounts, totalling over R43 000.

During today’s court appearance, the presiding officer indicated that she may recuse herself from the proceedings as she has previously dealt with the accused, in his capacity as an attorney. She will, however, remain the presiding officer until the matter is set down for trial. The case has been remanded until 21 September 2023 for further particulars and pre-trial.

The accused is out on warning.

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