The Tembisa Magistrates’ Court denied bail to the alleged kidnapping kingpin Esmael Ramos Nangy, who is sought by the Mozambique government. The South African authorities received a request for the provisional arrest of Nangy on 13 July 2022, from the requesting state in Mozambique, following its indictment against Nangy on charges of kidnapping and criminal association. The warrant of arrest was executed on 7 January 2023, and he made his first appearance in court on 09 January 2023. After his arrest, South African authorities received a formal request for his extradition on 02 February 2023.

Nangy approached the court with a formal application to be released on bail, pending the outcome of the extradition hearing. In his application, he cited that he runs a transport business that would be negatively impacted by his continued incarceration. Senior State Adv. Michelle Bayat, presented evidence by way of affidavit, of the investigating officer, Kabelo Derrick Seanego, in opposing his release on bail, citing that Nangy was a flight risk and the fact that, if convicted in Mozambique, he faces jail time ranging from 16-20 years for kidnapping, and 8-12 years for criminal association, was incentive enough for him to evade his extradition hearing.

The affidavit further details the discrepancies on his passport when compared to the border control movements on the Department of Home Affairs system, in that the stamps on his passport did not tally with the number of movements captured on the system. The State further argued that his release on bail would undermine the proper administration of justice.

Magistrate Karin Britz ruled that the interest of justice does not permit the release of Nangy on bail and postponed the case to 12 April 2023, for the state to file its extradition documents.

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