Phenomenal progress made at Boitumelo Hospital in Kroonstad

Phenomenal progress made at Boitumelo Hospital in Kroonstad

The Free State Department of Health has made phenomenal progress on many of the concerns that were tabled by union representatives during engagements with the management of the Department.

It must be stated categorically that the concerns raised by the Unions were in the process of being attended unlike the impression that is often created that the Department does not care.

Progress on Infrastructure Projects is as follows:

1: Theatres
Air conditioners in 3 of the 5 theatres have been repaired. The remain 2 their air handling units have been ordered and are awaiting delivery.
Maternity theatre air conditioner has been installed.
Leaking steam pipes have been repaired.
1 Autoclave repaired

  1. Kitchen
    Roof leaks have been repaired.
    Drainage system unblocked.
    5 cold rooms repaired.
    Geyser installation complete.
    Tiles installation complete.
  2. Burst pipe under the building
    New water pipes installed and re-routed. Water challenges resolved.
  3. Non functional generator
    Generator has been repaired

On Human Resources the following progress has been recorded

Boitumelo Hospital staff compliment:
Total posts = 801
Filled = 549 (including 3 session Drs)
Total vacant posts are 250 of which 234 are frozen because they were vacant for more than 12 months.

Drs= Filled =22 plus 3 sessions, vacant = 15
Specialist = Filled = 3, vacant = 4

Nursing Assistant = Filled = 65, Vacant = 12 but Letters issued to 10
Staff Nurses = Filled = 48, Vacant = 28
Professional Nurse = Filled = 112, Vacant = 38

Plus 1 × Deputy Manager Nursing,
2 X Assistant Director Nursing with 1 post vacant
3 X Clinical Cordinators,
13 x Operational Managers, with 6 posts vacant

On account of this progress listed above, the Department is surprised by the aggressive posture of some of the unions who resorted to an illegal strike last week on Thursday.

The Department sent its Senior Management from Bophelo House to make interventions to stop the strike and to ensure that the patients were not negatively affected.

The reports we have received are that there was calm over the weekend as health professionals continued with their work na there were no disruptions to patient care.

This Monday morning, 06 February 2023, the Senior Management of the Department is again meeting with the Union representatives at Boitumelo Regional Hospital to ensure that the rules of engagement are clearly outlined and all progress made with respect to their concerns is thoroughly explained to them.

The Department will further engage with the Media on the outcomes of the meeting.

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