MK looks to scupper election of new president with threat not to attend first Parliament sitting

The MK Party is looking to put Parliament in a legal predicament even before they set foot in the door. 

The Chief Justice has gazetted that the rules that will apply for the election of a Speaker, a deputy Speaker and the president. 

De Vos said that even if MK members were not present, the show would go on. 

“It’s not the number of members of the National Assembly but the votes of those present there that will decide the election of the president and once the president is elected, he will form the government.” 

Because all 400 seats in the House have been designated by the Electoral Commission, De Vos said that boycotting the session would not invalidate the assembly, nor would it affect the quorum of one third of members required to be present to elect office bearers. 

Former statesman Jacob Zuma has accused the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) of provoking the MK Party by declaring the results of the recent general election.

Zuma was addressing party supporters outside the Johannesburg High Court on Monday.

This is where his matter against the former leader of his party Jabulani Khumalo was being heard.

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