Seven Million Rands Worth Of Adidas Takkies Stolen: Cato Ridge – KZN

Seven Million Rands Worth Of Adidas Takkies Stolen: Cato Ridge – KZN

Adidas takkies with a retail value of approximately seven (7) million rands were stolen from a truck that was hijacked in Cato Ridge on Wednesday (08/05/2024).

The owner of the truck contacted Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) this afternoon at approximately 15:52. He informed the Controller On Duty that he received information that his hijacked trailer which was loaded with a twelve (12) meter shipping container was abandoned in Verulam – KZN. The caller forwarded a picture that he received from an informer to the RUSA Operations Centre.

Reaction Officers viewed the picture and identified the surrounding area. Officers proceeded to Old Main Road leading from Canelands to Tongaat – KZN and recovered the trailer. The shipping container was empty (picture 2).

The owner was provided the location and arrived shortly thereafter. He informed Reaction Officers that his truck was hijacked near a service station. It was later recovered in Cato Ridge – KZN but the trailer and shipping container loaded with 6900 pairs of Adidas takkies were missing. All the shoes were of the same styling (picture 3).

The Zimbabwean national driver has not been located since the incident.

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