Limpopo Department of Health is on high alert following cholera outbreaks in neighboring countries such as Zimbabwe, Mocambique, and Zambia. The province is yet to record a case following these outbreaks. However as more and more migrant workers return to the country for work, the risk of imported cases are on the rise. Limpopo borders Mocambique on the east, Zimbabwe on the North, and also hosts Beitbridge Border Post, which is one of the busiest borders in the country. Hence the department cannot stay complacent.

The department is strengthening its outbreak response work by means of survailance and also conducting health promotions working with local stakeholders accross the province. The multisectoral outbreak response work include engaging with relevant entities such as water service authorities and sector departments to ensure provision of clean water, sanitation as we as conducting regular water testing as a preventative measure.

In addition, the department has instructed healthcare facilities to highly prioritise the issue of testing on all potential suspected cases.

“With all the rains we have been recently blessed with and appreciating that diseases do not know any boarders, we calling upon all our communities to remain vigilant, by practicing basic hygiene, hand washing, drinking safe water and thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables before consumption,” said MEC Ramathuba

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