GIYANI: Giyani police are requesting assistance from the community at large in apprehending six unknown males and one female suspect who were involved in the kidnapping, business robbery and malicious damage to property in the early hours of Wednesday, 01 November 2023 at Masenyani – Mageza Shopping Complex under Giyani policing precinct.

Information available at this stage, a Security Officer was on duty at about 23:10 when the tavern was closed and left alone to continue with his guarding duties. At about 01:02, one unknown male suspect jumped from the roof and pointed him with a firearm and another three unknown males emerged and tied his hands with shoelaces removed from his safety boots.

The victim was searched and the suspects took out the keys of the complex gate, ATM keys, nokia cellphone and a wallet with a cash amounting to R150-00.

Reportedly, three suspects took him to the bushes where they tied his legs and safeguarded him and one suspect went back to the complex. The victim was threatened by one of the remaining suspects who told him that if they don’t get the money, they will deal with him severely.

After a while, the other five suspects returned and threw him with the keys taken prior to the incident and covered his face with his uniform jacket and later fled the scene. Currently, it is unknown whether the suspects used a motor vehicle or they walked from the crime scene.

At about 05:40, the victim saw someone passing along the main road and screamed for help and was immediately assisted before informing the police about the incident.

Police rushed to the Complex and upon arrival, they discovered that the Absa ATM steel door handle was cut off to gain entry and ATM machine was opened with a cutting torch.

The suspects managed to flee the scene with a substantial undisclosed amount of money from the ATM machine and caused damages estimated at R240.000 during the business robbery.

A manhunt have since been launched for the unknown suspects and police request anyone that can provide valuable information that can lead to their arrests. The public is urged to contact the Investigating Officer Captain Mzamane Mabunda on 0664001100 or crime stop number 0860010111 or nearest police station or MySAPSApp.

Police investigations are continuing.

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