The Durban Regional Court has sentenced a 29-year-old man, to life imprisonment for the rape of a 08-year-old girl, on diverse occasions in September 2021, in the Cato Manor area. The child, who was friends with the man’s stepdaughter (also eight years old), was raped on different occasions. He threatened to kill her or rape her friend (his stepdaughter) if she told anyone. The child’s mother eventually noticed that something was wrong with the child and asked her about it. The child was initially reluctant to disclose her abuser, as she was still afraid of the man, however, his identity was eventually revealed, and he was arrested soon after.

In aggravation of sentence, Regional Court Prosecutor Sibongile Mkhwanazi, handed in Victim Impact Statements compiled by the child and her mother and facilitated by Court Preparation Officer Prudence Geraud. In her statement, the child said that she is now scared of playing outside her home. She is always angry and is no longer happy. Her mother stated that the offence has negatively affected her marriage because she and her husband feel like they have failed their child.

The man was sentenced to an effective term of life imprisonment. The court ordered that his name is entered into the National Register for Sex Offenders and he was deemed unfit to possess a firearm. Further, the court ordered that he must not be given parole without prior consultation with the child’s parents. Upon completion of his sentence, he must be deported to his home country Zimbabwe.

The NPA welcomes this successful prosecution as it affirms our stance on the abuse of children. We commend the efforts of the prosecution and the police.

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