Advice to Shebe$hit:

Advice to Shebe$hit:

You are young, talented and influential. Being the selfmade president of ama2000 and our children looking up to you from many angles, you have a duty to bulid and not destroy the generation2000. But you cannot fix the generation2000 if you are unfixed yourself. Lately if not always, your name is infused in mud of violence and that needs to change&stop.

You must accept that if advices cannot stop you, the law will and that is not the end of you,its corrective&constructive. Should you be found guilty and sentenced to time in prison, use that 5years to get yourself a Degree/Diploma/Tertiary Qualification and come out a better improved ShebeGood. You can continue to record music from prison and by the time you come out, R15million is waiting for you.

You need some intervention, and take advantage of the positive intent of any intervention that comes your way….

The future looks bright.

By Moshutlhane Enterprise

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