[19:03, 08/05/2023] +27 83 699 5900: WOMAN SENTENCED FOR OPENING A FALSE RAPE CASE
BLOEMFONTEIN: Botshabelo Magistrates’ Court has sentenced a 40-year-old woman from R Section to 30 months imprisonment, after she was found guilty of perjury. Magistrate Wilma Le Roux sentenced Mpho Christina Mafemere for opening a false rape case against Teboho Madela (32), but later confessed that she was not raped.

The court heard that on 27 November 2021, Mafemere went to Boithuso Police Station to open a rape case against Madela, who was arrested on 09 December 2021. On 21 September 2022, Mafemere confessed, before the prosecutor, that she was not raped, but she opened a rape case against Madela because he did not want to pay the money he owed to her.

State Prosecutor, Malefane Mokoena made her write a withdrawal statement, and thereafter ordered the police to conduct investigations, and Mafemere was arrested on 28 September 2022 for opening a false rape case. Madela had already spent 10 months in jail, awaiting trial, after he abandoned his bail application.

Mafemere pleaded guilty to a charge of perjury on 17 January 2023 and requested, through her lawyer, for a suspended sentence, but Mokoena, requested for a custodial sentence because an innocent man spent 10 months in jail for something he did not do because of her evil actions.

“The charge against the accused is very serious because had she proceeded with her motive, the accused could have been subjected to a lengthy term of imprisonment for something he did not do. She acted selfishly because there are other avenues she could have opted for, like the small claims court, but she chose to act cruelly against the accused. If the court does not impose a direct term of imprisonment, Madela will not have any confidence in the criminal justice system, because he would have spent time in prison for something that he did not do, but the person who subjected him to that torture, would be getting just a slap on the wrist. The court must send a message to all people intending to open false cases, that they will be severely punished for their evil actions”, said Mokoena.

Magistrate Le Roux concurred with the prosecutor that the only appropriate sentence to impose is a direct term of imprisonment, and she subsequently sentenced Mafemere to 30 months imprisonment.

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The Schweizer Reneke Regional Court sentenced Veronica Mapule Mafolo 48), a former Member of Parliament in the North West Legislature, and Thabo Freddy Phutiyagae (36), to three years direct imprisonment on a charge of stock theft. The two were arrested following an incident that occurred on 12 January 2018, at a farm in Schweizer Reneke, whereat one of the farmers noticed fresh car tracks in his farm in the early hours of the morning.

Upon counting his stock, he realised that two Bonsmara calves were missing, and he subsequently alerted his brother to report the matter to the police. The farmer was later called at the Vryburg Auction Kraals, where he positively identified his missing calves. Evidence led in court revealed that Mafolo pleaded with the farmer not to lay charges against her as it would dent her reputation as a member of Parliament.

In aggravation of the sentence, the state prosecutor, Mpho Sephapo, urged the court to impose direct imprisonment on the accused as the offence they committed is prevalent in the province. Magistrate Paul Moeng agreed with the state and described the action by the duo as influenced by greed. He further indicated that stock-theft harm the farmer’s business and further destroys employment for farm workers.

The Director of Public Prosecutions in the North West, Dr Rachel Makhari, lauded the prosecution team, Sergeant Masoko from the SAPS and other role players for a successful conviction. “Stock theft is rife in our province and the criminal justice system will deal harshly with perpetrators of such offences without fear, favour or prejudice”, she remarked.

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