African Unite Borders Bus trucks association ( AUBBTA) calling for urgent intervention with SADC office, office of the president, office minister of police Bheki cele, Department of transport, and labour and employment to monitor violence and engage the threat of truck national shutdown.

African Unite Borders Bus trucks association ( AUBBTA) distance ourselves on the national truck shutdown since we transport goods and passengers within the SADC countries such as Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana, DRC and etc. The consequences of this strike will affect African continental free trade market and fuel violence such as xenophobic, tribalism and etc.

Question: what will happen for south African truck drivers driving/ crossing within SADC countries. It was understandable if the demand are trucks operating only south Africa at least 80% south African.

Our organisation will not tolerate African people mostly blacks killing each other and that’s the cause of violence in African continent such as rebels, xenophobic, tribalism and etc.

We are calling SADC Headoffice to engage all African leadership/ presidents to share resources such as land, minerals, parks to our fellow African brothers and sisters.

Failure to engage/ stop/ monitor violence and killing of innocent truck drivers we are going to take the relevant truck stakeholders/ department and DIRCO in south Africa to court.

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