The Madadeni Regional Court has sentenced a 46-year-old man to three life terms and 12 years imprisonment for the rapes, kidnapping and assault he committed in May and November 2019 where he attacked three women, aged 40, 17 and 27. In the first instance he had asked the woman to assist him carry his grocery packets home. Since she knew him, she agreed. When they got into his house, he locked all the doors and windows and raped her. She later escaped when his friend came over to smoke drugs with him.

The second complainant had walked past his house and stopped for a drink of water. He invited her in and then locked all the doors and windows. He asked her for sex and when she refused, he assaulted and raped her. His daughter came home and, even though she reported this to the daughter, she was ignored. The man made her sleep between him and his daughter, and raped her through the night. When she tried to escape, she was severely assaulted and raped again. She then ran away to the neighbours house where he followed her and further assaulted her. She suffered open wounds and lacerations all over her body. The neighbours eventually asked him to leave her.

The third complainant attended a traditional ceremony at the man’s house. After everyone was gone she tried to run away but he locked her in and raped her. He kept her overnight and walked her home the next morning. She reported the incident at home and he was arrested.

All the complainants were taken to the Madadeni Thuthuzela Care Centre where they received the necessary psycho-social services, counselling and support.

In court, Regional Court Prosecutor Bonginkosi Dan Motha, led the evidence of the complainants as well as DNA evidence linking the man. Motha further submitted Victim Impact Statements compiled by the complainants and facilitated by Court Preparation Officer Masande Mdiya. They all said the incidents have changed them forever. Two of them mentioned that they have become drug users as this allows them to forget what happened to them and they are able to sleep. They also said that they afraid of men and are embarrassed to be around other people.

The National Prosecuting Authority welcomes the successful finalisation of this matter, as it affirms our commitment to curbing the scourge of gender-based violence. We commend the work done by the Prosecution and SAPS.

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