LUTENDO LIVHEBE – MUDAU. Premier addressed Mathabatha Dilokong community.
I want to start from the beginning, and my beginning is to
comment Glencore for this great initiative. The work we are
celebrating today worth all the celebrations.
Glencore did not just note that our country holds the shameful
record of being the un-safest place for a woman in the whole
Glencore made a decision to contribute something positive
against this negative and terrible reality of our time.
The opening of this Thuthuzela Care Centre coincides with our
national launch of 16 Days of Activism Against Women and
Children Abuse.
This is an important calendar event in our country and across the
Internationally, the United Nations commemorates this day as 16
Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence.
As South Africa we have customised our commemoration to
make it more relevant to our unique circumstances.
In South Africa, the abuse of women is directly linked with the
abuse of children. The distinction between the two is merely
As government, we appreciate the support and active
participation of the private sector in the fight against GenderBased-Violence.
There is no doubt that violence against women and children
remain a pandemic of unequal proportions in our society.
We see a shameful fightback against entrenched rights which
women have been enjoying over the years.
There are tendencies which seek to take us back to the stone
ages where women’s rights were not regarded as part of human
We see people, including politicians wanting to make decisions
about women without the voice of women themselves.
Patriarchy has made men to believe that they have an anointed
right to make decisions for women and to act on behalf of
The result of this way of thinking is unmitigated levels of violence
against women and children.
Those who believe that they can think, decide, and act on behalf
of women also think that they have a right to do whatever they
wish to do with a woman’s body.
They believe they have a right to pass whatever remark they
wish to pass about a women’s body,
They believe they are entitled to a woman’s body,
They believe that they can express their masculinity by
unleashing violence against women and children.
Often, this toxic masculinity is expressed through assault, rape
and the killing of women and children.
So many women in our country bears the scars of violence
perpetrated by men.
These scars are either psychical or emotional. Some women
bear both the physical scars and the emotional scars from
The first thing women need is an end to this vicious cycle of
abuse. Ending the abuse of women and children is a nonnegotiable imperative.
As government we are channelling effort and resources towards
this epic battle. We are assured of victory.
However, in the meantime, those women who have experienced
abuse and victimisation need a reliable shelter, a safer space.
This National Strategic Plan on Gender Based Violence and
Femicide is a response to this phenomenon of abuse.
Gender Based Violence has caught the attention of our
President who is himself a great campaigner against Gender
Based Violence.
In his own words, President Ramaphosa says that:
“This is a scourge that affects black and white, young and
old, rich and poor, heterosexual and homosexual genderconforming or non-gender conforming, urban and rural.
Women and girls are being abused, assaulted and murdered
in our country every day – at the hands of men. We are in the
throes of a deep crisis that must be brought to a decisive
We are inspired by the words of our President, and we are saying
that ‘We will spare no effort until this country’s women and
children are safe, can live, work and play in freedom, and
their rights upheld.’
Programme Director
As government we do not have sufficient words to express our
appreciation to Glencore for partnering with us in this fight. This
is what responsible and patriotic corporate citizenship is about.
Through this Thuthuzela Care Centre you have helped to provide
a one-stop care facility for the victims of rape and abuse. In this
way, you are contributing to the efforts against secondary
victimisation of victims of rape and abuse.
The government would not have sought a more reliable partner
in this fight than Glencore. We appreciate what you have done
to the people of this area, and many other areas where you have
provided similar infrastructure.
The fight against Gender Based Violence is winnable.
As we take care of the victims of this senseless crime, we are at
the same time doing everything necessary to deal with the
The police and our courts are working smart to ensure that
perpetrators no longer walk free.
We continue to reiterate our call for harsher sentences for all
perpetrators of Gender Based Violence.
Gender Based Violence is not some victimless crime. This is a
serious crime that leaves visible and permanent scars.
Those who are responsible for these permanent scars should
find a permanent home behind the bars.
With those few words, I warmly rest my appreciations to
Glencore Alloys Mine and all of you.

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