Malesela Teffo (53) appeared at the Pretoria Magistrates’ Court today. He is facing charges of malicious damage to property, assault and theft.

It alleged that Teffo was renting an office space at Protea Towers, a building owned by City Property. However, he was prohibited from entering the premises from 21 April 2023. It is alleged that on 29 July 2023, Teffo went to the said building without permission, with a person from a locksmith. When he arrived, the security officer who was on duty at the reception tried to stop him from entering. However, he proceeded and went to his office, where he, together with the person from the locksmith, broke into the office. When another security officer who was on the scene was recording what was happening, it is alleged that Teffo assaulted him. The security officer ran to the police station to report the matter. When he returned to the scene, Teffo was already gone and took the door handle with him.

On the second docket, Teffo is facing a charge of fraud of R13 000. It is alleged that on 09 June 2022, the two complainants in the matter approached Teffo for legal assistance. It is alleged that Teffo agreed to assist the complainants and asked that they make a payment of R6 500 each, to his personal account, after which he would then arrange for consultation with them. The complainants made the requested payments. However, when they enquired about the consultation, it is alleged that Teffo ignored them. After some time, the complainants reported the matter to the Legal Practice Council (LPC) and they were informed that Teffo was no longer in practice. That is when the two reported the matter to the police.

Teffo was arrested on 01 August and has been in custody since. After his arrest, it was put on record in court that Teffo refused to cooperate with the police and refused to allow them to take his fingerprints for profiling and to give them his personal address. The magistrate made an order that Teffo must cooperate with the state by providing the requested information.

The matter was postponed to 07 August 2023 for confirmation of his address, profiling and possible bail application.

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