The Madadeni Regional Court has sentenced a 25-year-old man, to life and 10 years imprisonment for the rape and attempted murder he committed in October 2022. The complainants in this matter are related, one is the aunt (17 years old), and the other is the niece (10 years old). On the day of the incident, the two girls wear at home when the man who is their neighbour came over to watch TV. He sat with the aunt in the lounge, while the younger girl was in the room. At some stage, the younger girl heard a muffled sound. She went to the lounge and found the man stabbing her aunt. She ran into the room and locked the door. The man then ran behind her and broke down the door, asking her to remove her clothes. When she refused, he went back into the lounge and dragged her aunt to the room, threatening to kill her aunt if she did not undress.

He then took the younger girl into another room where he raped her. Thereafter, they begged him to call an ambulance as the aunt was bleeding profusely. Initially, he refused, however, he called the ambulance after they promised not to tell anybody about what he had done. He watched them closely at the hospital, so that they would not report to anyone. When the younger girl’s mother arrived, they confided in her, and the man was subsequently arrested. The girl was taken to the Madadeni Thuthuzela Care Centre for further assistance.

In court, Regional Court Prosecutor Nokubonga Prayer Samukelisiwe Buthelezi led the evidence of the doctors who examined the girls. Buthelezi also submitted a Victim Impact Statement compiled by the younger girl and facilitated by Court Preparation Officer Mdiya Masande. In her statement, the girl said she feels like her life is over. She said that she and her aunt now live in fear. The man was sentenced to life imprisonment for rape and 10 years imprisonment for attempted murder. The court deemed him unfit to possess a firearm.

The National Prosecuting Authority welcomes the successful finalisation of this matter, as it affirms our commitment to curbing the scourge of gender-based violence and sexual offences. We commend the work done by the Prosecution and SAPS.

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