The High Court of South Africa: Free State Division has sentenced a jealous ex-boyfriend to life imprisonment after he was found guilty of killing a boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend, because he did not want to accept that she broke up with him.

Judge Sylvia Daniso sentenced Thabo Jacob Ramantsane (39), to life imprisonment for murder of Phako Moshoeu (40). Ramantsane was further sentenced to 15 years imprisonment after he was convicted of attempted murder of Nteseleng Augustine Shai (35), his ex-girlfriend.

Moshoeu and Shai were sleeping in Shai’s house in Wepener when Ramantsane barged into the house, went into their bedroom and started stabbing both of them.

Shai suffered several stab wounds but managed to escape. Moshoeu suffered fatal injuries and died on the scene. Shai had a protection order against Ramantsane.

In his defence, Ramantsane told the court that Moshoeu attacked him and he was defending himself, but State Prosecutor, Advocate Ncabakazi Tshefuta told the court that there was no way Moshoeu could have attacked Ramantsane as he was attacked in bed.

“The accused killed the deceased in bed, and he did not have a chance to defend himself. The brazen attack happened in front of children. He does not have respect for human life because he did not want to accept that Shai has moved on with her life. The only appropriate sentence the court should impose is life imprisonment because he did not advance any substantial and compelling circumstances”, said Tshefuta.

Judge Daniso agreed with the prosecutor and sentenced Ramantsane to life imprisonment for murder of Moshoeu and 15 years for attempted murder of Shai. She also declared him unfit to possess a firearm.

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