The Mamelodi Magistrates’ Court has denied bail to Brutt Fana Makgaphi (29). He is facing a charge of pre-meditated murder, of a 32-year-old man Pontsho Madisha. It is alleged that on 05 December 2021, at about 20:00, the deceased was at Pots tavern in Mamelodi when he saw the accused pulling his girlfriend aggressively. It is alleged that the deceased went over to the two to intervene, however, a fight broke out between the accused and the deceased, and they were separated.

Later the accused is alleged to have run to his home and come back with a knife, when the victim saw the knife, he ran away. It is alleged that the accused chased after him and stabbed him in the chest. The deceased died on the scene, and the accused was arrested a year after the incident on 16 January 2023.

In court he asked to be released on bail because he stabbed the deceased in self-defense, however, the prosecutor Balehlogonolo Baloyi asked the court not to release the accused on bail because he was a flight risk. He was able to hide for a year before he was arrested, also the violence used when committing the offence shows that he had intentions to kill the deceased. She further told the court that the accused committed a serious offence, a schedule 6 offence, and upon his conviction, the accused is facing life imprisonment.

The magistrate agreed with the state that there were no exceptional circumstances in the accused application, that warranted his release on bail and was denied. The matter was adjourned to 24 March 2023, for further investigations.

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